NOISE Installation Shot

some things i keep on my website as links so i don't forget about them and maybe you would like to look too idk:

NOISE at Space Debris Art gallery in Istanbul

Episode 4 of Lorna Mills' Ways of Something

The Real-Fake


Transfer Gallery at TimeFrame Exhibition

CutOut Festival - music video section

UWW Faculty Exhibition - Oct 30-Nov 15

Recent Videos: boy dirt car, 06_02, 06_03, 07


UWW MOCAP Studio at Milwaukee Maker Faire

'The Body Electric' exhibition at UW Whitewater Crossman Gallery

2016 daily drawings - works on paper on cloth simulation

special release for Electric Objects Art Club
post gridworks release on undervolt & co. at ISEA2015 & phantoms paper + video/demo at MOCO'15
First Look GIFs at Museum of Moving Image