______there was nothing left___________
______it was/is the beginning/ending____
______there was something there_______
______just beyond perception__________
______it was something/nothing________
______there was a grid_______________
______it was/is nothing left____________
______an unresolved image____________
______it was a phosphene_____________
______there was/is no grid____________

[][] variable dimension  [this screenshot at 2480px × 1395px]

Performance Documentation: 'grdwrks6000_p1' 'grdwrks6000_p2' 'grdwrks6000_p4' and grdwrks6000 install demoan install experiment

grdwrks6000 is a live audio/video performance piece with interactive potentail. The two primary components to the visual side of the project incorporate a live video feed from a camera pointed at the projection field. This input is processed through a feedback loop and as ASCII art. In performance, the artist controls audio samples that coincide with changes in the visual characteristics. Because live video input is incorporated, any viewer that passes between the projection field and the camera becomes incorporated into the feedback loop. Live audio input is also incorporated to control characteristics like hue and saturation. The work has been performed in a range of live venues in Brooklyn NYC, Columbus OH, grdwrks6000_p1Chicago, St. Paul, and Milwaukee. It was presented with the interactive component in BYOB Braddock, and BYOB Philly at the Little Berlin Gallery.