experimenting with an HP Scanjet4670 - - - - summer2013

i received the HP Scanjet4670 device as a gift from some friends that weren't using it anymore. initially, i scanned my face a bunch of times. those images were used to create a few composite self-portraits. i also used it to scan a few different monitors while they were playing video. the results were cool, but i didn't feel like i got what i wanted out of it. the following images were created during the summer of 2013 at a rural location in SE Wisconsin. during a summer vacation trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, i brought the scanner along. on the shores of Lake Superior it was hard not to spend as much time as possible scanning things. the environment was quite different than SE Wisconsin, and the scans came out with a different feeling. multiple scans were taken each time to create the final images with a minor amount of manipulation.

trumpet vine, 42" x 12" w/detailstrumpetvinetrumpetvinetrumpetvine

pinestump, 17" x 16" w/detailspinestumppinestumppinestump

birch, 8" x 37" w/detailsbirchbirchbirch

lakerocks, 17" x 16" w/detailslakerockslakerockslakerocks

rainywindow, 9" x 35" w/detailsrainywindowrainywindow

berriescherries, 12" x 16" w/detailsberriescherriesberriescherriesberriescherries

timbers, 23" x 16" w/detailstimberstimberstimbers

fallen peach limb, 6" x 63" w/detailspeachpeachpeachs

asparagus, 8" x 20" w/detailsasparagusasparagusasparagus

peonies, 16" x 17" w/detailspeoniespeoniespeonies

tires and grass, 9" x 20" w/detailstire and grass close uptire and grass close uptire and grass close up
tire and grass