Anomalous explores motion capture data freed from their tether to physical bodies moving in space. We record movement information that is given an alternate visual form, a series of cloth simulations, creating a dance from data. Anomalous is the current iteration of our explorations. It is composed of a sequence that allows the user/viewer to move within our recorded and re-presented movement information.
When we visualize movement information with cloth simulations it allows us to emphasize the movement/motion/action while de-emphasizing the physical body from which it originated. Our sequence becomes ‘anomalous’ – although it might come from an observable and understandable phenomena, it is something that can’t easily be defined or classified.
Video and still image documentation is presented here, but a playable version is available upon request.
Anomalous was created in 2016 through the support of: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Research Apprentice Program, Department of Art and Design, Media Arts and Game Development Program, MOCAP Studio

artwork: a. bill miller

coding: jeremy behreandt

sound: XZX

with movements from: melissa miller