i thought it would be fun to remix some of the scanjet_experiments scans and composites with pixel sorting. while creating the original series, i loved the way the scanner sort of worked and didn't work at the same time. there were glitch characteristics that manifested themselves - the scanner jumped in blocks, freaked out with too much natural light, color got blown away, etc. to push the data even further i have incorporated pixel sorting methods (kim asendorf and paul hertz). by combining the processes of field scanning (like field recording?) and pixel sorting, the work explores the digitization of nature. the images are attempts to capture directly from the physical world, not with the intent to create an exacting copy, but by introducing potential for corrupted information. when we record something, it rarely lives up to the actual experience. our memories can't contain everything. they are subject to a variety of subtle changes brought on by our own biological systems. with 'sorted_scanjet' works, the outcome is similar. they are captures of fleeting moments and physical conditions that border on the incomprehensible.