a new audio/visual performance work within the gridworks series. 'grdwrks8000_meadows' incorporates elements of 3D graphics and live ANSI Art drawing as an exploration of relationships between digital spaces of text (as language, code, image), feedback, generative processes, and 3D modelling/animation. by combining these elements, each with their distinctive aesthetics, 'grdwrks8000_meadows' conjures a visual experience that is past/present/future and belongs to our collective experiences of digital being. it includes a narrative sequence that contemplates our relationships within the networks.
our place
among the streams
between the trees
our data
our meadow

Recorded Live on October 16, 2014 at Light Recital Hall on the UW Whitewater Campus:

g8000_meadows is included on the video release
'Fragments of the Gridworks Collection Project Archive' out on Undervolt & Co.

(Trailer) from Undervolt & Co. on Vimeo.